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PS winery started from a dream and philosophy to make the best wines possible using sustainable and organic farming practices with minimal intervention in the winery. We use great care in every phase of our work; from pruning in the winter to leaf removal in the spring and summer to allow perfect sunlight exposure to our grapes for optimal ripening. Hand harvesting of only perfect grape clusters follows as well as clean winemaking techniques and judicious use of french oak to finish and refine our wines. Many of our wines are also unfined, unfiltered and hand bottled and fully represent natural wine making at its best.

Our labors began in 2008 with the planting of 35,000 vines, carefully selected for root stock compatibility with our soil type and climate. We chose clones which would express the specific and complex characteristics of the variety. The Cabernet Suavignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot clones are of french origin, while the Syrah, Montepulciano, Pecorino and Bruni 54 are italian. Organic dry farming techniques are strictly followed and we are certified organic by Suolo e Salute.

By carefully observing each vine, we can manage how many grape clusters it can mature successfully and use a "green harvest" to remove excessive clusters. Using this technique, we are able to make really complex, optimally balanced wines even in this very young vineyard.

Every variety is vinified separately with each red undergoing an extended maceration prior to pressing. The Pecorino has a maceration on the skins of 7 hours before pressing to add a bit of phenolic character as well.

In time for the 2010 harvest, our first, the functioning part of the winery was finished, completely outfitted with the most modern equipment available. By September the following year, the tasting rooms were completed and give a panoramic view of the "bellezza" of our incredible region. Come experience the wonderful views of our grand mountains from the Sibillinis of the Marche to the Monti della Laga and Gran Sasso mountain chains in Abruzzo. The hills are painted with a patchwork quilt of vineyards, olive groves and seeded lands which add to the ambience and allow for a great and relaxing tasting experience whether outside on the veranda in summer or indoors with the fireplace ablaze in winter.

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