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The vineyard

After our intensive work in the winery, the fruits of our labor, if you will come into the winery where we get to see what the year, our work and mother nature have made. Our goal is minimal intervention in the winery so we see maximum expression of these variables.

After fermentation and extended maceration in the case of our reds, clarification of our wines occurs with multiple rackings, while judicious oak aging with new and used french oak barrels of various sizes helps add complexity and depth to our reserve reds, each of which is kept separate until final blending before bottling.

Our Thalia Igt red is our early release red and is vinified in exactly the same manner as our reserve reds, but is kept in stainless steel tanks prior to blending and bottling the year after harvest.

For our wine loving friends, we currently offer a young Pecorino full of aromas, acidity and life as well as a barrel aged Pecorino from 2010. Our reds include Thalia, our non-oaked red with a predominance of Cabernet Sauvignon, each of our bordeaux varieties, oak aged for a bit over a year are available "in purezza" and a blend is made of the four varieties to produce our top wine, Confusion. Rounding out the list are an incredible 100% Montepulciano, our DOC Offida Rosso from 2010 and soon a limited quantity of Passito, aged in a 110 liter oak barrel from the Bruni 54 will be available in 1/2 bottles.

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