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Petit Verdot

petit verdot c

One of our favorite single variety wines, the 100% Petit Verdot is deeply colored with fascinating aromas and flavors unique to this grape.  It is a bit racy and called by some "Super Cabernet" due to its intense color and body.  After an extended maceration following fermentation, the wine spends over 6 months in stainless steel tanks before transfer to 1st and 2nd pass french oak barrels.  Tannins are moderate, but not overly aggressive and the PV has a nice aging potential.  Try it with complex meat dishes and with red sauces or by itself to discover its wonderfully particular characteristics.

Marche rosso igt
100% Petit Verdot
1700 bottles
14 % vol.
vineyard: 1,85 acres at 160 meters above the sea level
vine training: single cordon
fermentation: stainless steel with extended maceration of two weeks
aging: 1 year in new french oak barrels and tonneau with bottling in May, 2011

It is a wonderfully, rich, deeply colored and complex wine with soft tannino and persistent fruit flavors. Only 1 barrel was made, so enjoy this with the others in the boxed set; truly a unique experience!

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