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The Wineyard

Our vineyard is located in the beautiful hills of the southern Marche between 130 and 160 meters above sea level with a southeastern exposure. High density planting was implemented with row spacing from 2 meters and 20 to 2 meters 40 and vine spacing from 70-80 cm depending on the variety. Clones and rootstock were chosen specifically to match well with the characteristics of our clay soil and our meso-climate. French clonal varieties were selected for the bordeaux varieties and italian clones for the Montepulciano and Pecorino. Our Bruni 54 clone is a newly developed cross between Sauvignon Blanc and Verdicchio.

Organic dry farming methods are used and we have been certified by Suola e Salute. All work in the vineyard is performed manually except weed extirpation which is done mechanically. Our labor continues in the vineyard continually from January to August and great care is taken to be sure each plant is healthy and balanced in its growth and each grape cluster gets appropriate sunshine which is key to optimal ripening and development of phenolics. Harvesting occurs depending on chemical analysis of ripeness done in our own laboratory and tasting and seed inspection done in the field. Manual harvest is done using 20kg plastic crates and rapid arrival in the winery. Cluster selection takes place in the vineyard during the harvest to provide only healthy perfect grapes for our wines.
After a few months, decisions are made for the blend of our early release wine Thalia while the rest will undergo oak aging.

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