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Directions from the Grottammare exit to PS Winery

After exiting the autostrada, take an immediate right in the direction of Offida. At .7 km there will be a roundabout; drive straight through to a stoplight at 1.3 km where you will turn left in the direction of Ripatransone. Drive through San Salvatore and at 9.2 km you will see the 1st turnoff to "Ripa" which you will bypass, the 2nd being at 10.2km. Continue driving through Santa Maria Goretti and at 13.1 km you will encounter a roundabout where you will turn left in the direction of Offida.

Go straight at another roundabout immediately ahead and from there you will climb out of the valley and at 15.6 km you will encounter a stopsign where you will turn left in the direction of Aquaviva. At 16.9 km you will take a right turn in the little town of Borgo Miriam with an indication for Castorano.

At 17.8 km you will see a cross on the left wollowed by a small sign for Nascondiglio di Bacco where you will turn left and drive for 1.9 km until you see the private drive of the B & B.

Directions from the autostrada between San Benedetto and Ascoli Piceno:

Take the Castel di Lama exit right after the 11km marker and turn right at the top of the ramp. Drive 1.1 km and turn right just before the roundabout in the direction of Offida. In .9 km there will be another roundabout and you will take the 2nd right again to Offida. The city limit of Offida will be 8.8 km and you will drive through Offida and turn right in 1.8 km at the "T" and go up a hill and at the top continue on the highway which makes a 90 degree turn to the left. You will travel another 1.7 km in Offida to the other city limit and continue towards Aquaviva, bypassing the intersection which leads to Grottammare. In 1.8 km you reach the city limit of Borgo Miriam and .3 km later take the right turn at the indication for Castorano.

Drive 1.2 km and you will 1st see a cross on your left and then the sign for Nascondiglio di Bacco.

Turn left and drive for 1.9 km past a small church at 1.4km and you will reach the drive for the B and B.

Coordinate per raggiungere la cantina (42.929295,13.743896)

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Il Nascondiglio


Quiet, charm and natural beauty are what one experiences at Nascondiglio di Bacco, a bed and breakfast unique in the Marche... Visit our Site...


Paolini & Stanford Winery
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